About Our Team

about us

 After years of administering I.V. treatments to patients, the “point” was made clear to us that we should use infusions to directly deliver wellness benefits such as hydration, detox cleansing and prevention.

Inspired by the worldly experience and passion of a European phlebotomist and Biologist trained in alternative medicine – Infuse Life was designed to fill the void between traditional and alternative health services. Our eclectic network of skilled doctors, clinicians, holistic practitioners and alternative-medicine experts have been brought together, under one roof, to help people find personalized natural methods to prevent illness, treat existing issues and maintain the healthiest lifestyles.

By using pure, organic supplements, nutrients, vitamins and essential minerals and the latest techniques in holistic-science we are quickly becoming one of the only wellness centers in the Northeast to offer immediate, healthy and beautiful results. Just like the basic principles of I.V. we believe that only way to improve anything in your life you have to infuse it – in a good way.

New York IV Therapy – Why choose Infuse Life?
Infuse Life Ambulatory Infusion Centers are pleased to offer high-quality clinical infusion centers. Our infusion centers provide clinically supervised yet comfortable settings for those patients requiring short and long-term infusion therapy administration.

Patient care is our primary focus.
Choosing InfuseLife Center Over Hospital-Based Infusions

about us

 InfuseLife Center delivers care and continuity similar to what you would receive at a hospital, at up to 53% lower cost. Our friendly staff will evaluate your therapeutic regimen, address your questions and concerns, and make sure you are comfortable before you begin treatment. Once you are ready, our skilled nurses will administer your prescribed antibiotic or biologic infusion therapy with the care and compassion to minimize any pain or discomfort. When your treatment is complete, we’ll help you schedule your follow-up with the same staff, ensuring continuity of care. Our personalized attention is significantly different from what you can find at other providers or a hospital-based facility. 

You Can Depend On Our Expertise

Making a referral to InfuseLife Center is fast and easy. We value our relationship with you and appreciate your confidence in our service and staff. InfuseLife Center is one of the leading therapy facilities physicians choose for their patients’ infusion needs. We are committed to providing the very best care — for the broadest range of antibiotic and biologic infusions and therapies available anywhere.

For every new biologic patient, insurance coordinators:

  • about us Process physician referral
  • Schedule first appointment, reviewing any questions with patient
  • Follow up with referring physician

InfuseLife offers:

  • Onsite physician supervision
  • No facility fees
  • Flexible appointment times
  • Rapid scheduling
  • Convenient parking
  • Comfortable infusion rooms
  • Skilled, highly certified infusion nurses
  • Infusion documentation provided to referring physicians

Our Compassionate Team Is Here to Guide You

We understand that the infusion process can be unfamiliar and even daunting to patients and their families. So, from the moment you schedule an initial visit, our team approaches your situation with knowledge, kindness, and compassion. We review your case and the prescribed course of action. We stay in contact with your physician every step of the way. And we listen to you as we create a comprehensive plan of care. Once you check in, InfuseLife Center’s friendly staff will get you situated in comfortable accommodations, and help you feel at ease about your treatment. Next, our skilled and nurturing nurses will discuss your physician-prescribed treatments and goals while addressing your specific concerns. InfuseLife Center nurses/phlebotomists will then administer your medicine, with care and compassion to minimize any discomfort. We also maximize your well-being with onsite InfuseLife Center physicians who monitor your treatment and can immediately handle any adverse reactions.

Patient Focus Is At Our Heart

At InfuseLife Center, we welcome you not only as a valued patient but as a person who deserves the very best outcomes from their infusion treatments. When you come to InfuseLife Center, you can rest assured knowing you are getting proven therapy from some of the most experienced and compassionate practitioners in the field. We take extra effort to help you live full, healthier lives.

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