• Just want to let you know everything is going really well. I am feeling great! I rewarded myself for all my hard work with a week at The Biggest Loser Resort in March for my 48th Birthday! I have lost another 15 lbs since I saw you. I have still been seeing my weight training trainer and doing Pilates and running. I did a 5k at Disneyland in January with and my husband even did it with us!

    My stomach problems are basically resolved thanks to you. I can not tell you how much I appreciate you and your input and guidance. You helped me literally change the quality of my life forever. I never knew I could feel so good. I will probably come in next week for a “preventative” Immune Support IV treatment.

    - Elizabeth
  • I am a professional musician whose job and lifestyle requires a tremendous amount of energy and focus. Beyond the performing itself there is a great deal of travel, rehearsal, and both physical and mental stress.

    I found IV for Life when I searched for IV nutritional therapy in Orange County about a year ago. Since then Dr. Popa has been treating me primarily with the Immunity and Wellness IV protocol which includes B vitamins, minerals, Vitamin C and Glutathione . He also put me on the oral high absorption liposomal vitamin equivalents to take in between treatments which help tremendously.

    These IV treatments have become a vital source of healing energy for me. They never fail to replenish, refresh, and reinvigorate my body and mind. I trust Dr. Popa’s expertise and highly recommend the entire experience especially for busy professionals looking to recharge.

    - Mike
  • I feel golden!! Thank you for setting me up with the Athletic Performance and Recovery IV yesterday. I was really hurting before, very sore in my hamstrings especially after doing 405 pound dead-lift sets the day before. Immediately after the IV I was at least 90% better. Soreness gone! In fact I went back to the gym and did a full upper body workout and felt stronger than I normally do even with short rests between sets. I couldn’t have even imagined working out before the IV given how sore I was! As a bonus I felt very alert and had a ton of energy the rest of the evening.

    As you know I am training for a competition in November so I am glad I found IV for Life to give me that extra edge. I like the targeted amino acids you use in the IV, the L-Arginine, L-Glutamine, L-carnitine and the alpha GPC…definitely felt that Growth Hormone boost today. I recommend this IV treatment for anyone pushing themselves athletically or when you’ve overdone it and are simply too sore.

    - Anonymous

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